Doctor Who Board Game – Risk

Doctor Who Board Game - Risk

I was perusing the Forbidden Planet website today, dreaming about buying some new Doctor Who products for my collection. In particular, I was looking for a toy to add to my Dalek and Ood that I already own. Yes, my collection of Doctor Who models is very weak! My eye was distracted by the Doctor Who board game version of Risk, however.

Many years ago I used to enjoy “boys’ weekends” away with a few mates. This was at the small beach settlement of Pukehina (in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty). My mates were definitely not Doctor Who fans, but they tolerated my obsession.

Obviously, we spent most of our time outside, on the beach or playing cricket on the back lawn (I did say it was a few years ago – I was younger and fitter then). But one of the things we enjoyed getting up to was attempting to dominate the world by playing a game of Risk.

In all honesty, my mate Craig was a far better tactical leader than me. But nonetheless, I very much enjoyed the game.

My Shopping Surprise – a Doctor Who Board Game

So it came as a pleasant surprise to me today that you can now buy a Doctor Who board game using the Risk gameplay.

In this version, you play as a one of 5 different Dalek armies, either classic (Black, Bronze & Silver) or New Dalek Paradigm (Red & Yellow) as you invade Earth.

As you fight for supremacy, the Doctor will do his best to stop you, bringing peace to a different territory each turn. If your army is not victorious by his eleventh regeneration, then the battle is over. All the Daleks must retreat as the Oncoming Storm saves the Earth.

Obvious the rules are a little different to the game I used to play. But you can clearly see how the game has been modified to fit the theme.

Now, if I can only convince my old mates that a return to Pukehina would be a good idea …



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